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Lambs at Cross Farm
The Goring Gap from Church Lane
Cox's Lane looking North


This site is maintained and paid for by Ipsden Parish Council for and on behalf of all in the village.  


Raising matters for the Parish Council:-

Please use the form below in advance of the next meeting to raise matters that you consider should be discussed or acted upon by the Parish Council.  If the matter is not raised before the meeting, it will not be on the agenda!   Whilst matters can be raised under "Any Other Business" at the end of the meeting, they will not have been considered and may therefore be carried forward to the following meeting two months later.   The Parish Council is dedicated to serving the village and therefore asks that matters are raised in advance in order that they may be properly considered.

Straight forward questions can often be answered by email without the need for consideration at a meeting, so please also use the form below for those.

Finally, whilst every effort is made to avoid errors and to keep this site up to date, please also use the form below to point out any error, or to request a new entry.


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