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Below is the solution chart to the above challenge which hopefully has been enjoyed by many over the 2021 /2022 festive period and beyond and has given some a reason to get out in the fresh air to seek out the answers. Did anyone spot the trick question? If the challenge had been set by Hamlet he could have given a clue by modifying one of his famous quotes as follows: “Is there one photograph for every number and does every number have a photograph - those are the questions.”

Below are the numbers on the map together with the identification letter of the photograph taken at that location.
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A new challenge to see how well you know the footpaths, bridleways and byways of Ipsden Parish.
Below is a map covering the parish with numbers added at various locations on the footpaths, bridleways and byways. There is also a separate document containing photographs of the same locations each uniquely referenced by letter.
The challenge is to match the photographs to the location numbers on the map. Some will be easy for car drivers and cyclists, a few will be easy for horse riders and some will be easy for walkers; but some will be hard!!
The answers will be given in February’s The Window and confirmed on the Ipsden Village Website at the same time.
There will be a few prints of the map available in the village shop for those who would like one.

David Coldwell

Below is the master map

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Below are the photographs of the locations

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