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If you wish to contact The Parish Clerk (Sinead Archer), please email here

In order to keep the website as current as possible, please let us know of any forthcoming events or attractions which you think would benefit from added exposure.

We welcome any comments about the website and will endeavour to incorporate your suggestions.
This site is maintained and paid for by Ipsden Parish Council for and on behalf of all in the village.

We are happy for local residents to raise matters with the Parish Council, advise us on any errors/omissions or request additional information.

Questions can usually be answered by email without the need for consideration at a meeting, so if you have a question please email our helpful Clerk, Sinead Archer by -
clicking here

She may well be able to answer your question directly, but if not, she will know which Councillor to refer your question to. Please include your full name, address, postcode and phone number. Emails without those details cannot be answered.

Formal Agenda Matters
Similarly please use the link above to the Parish Clerk at least two weeks in advance of the next meeting to raise a formal agenda matter that you consider should be discussed or acted upon by the Parish Council.

Errors and additions
Finally, whilst every effort is made to avoid errors and to keep this site up to date, please email the Parish Clerk to point out any error, or to request a new entry by
clicking here

Ipsden Village website Contact & Feedback
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